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  • Enterprise honor and patent certificate

    Create high-quality products and build high-quality services

    Enterprise honor and patent certificate

    Chinese certificate of special labor safety signs
    English Certificate of special labor safety signs
    Boimtcc product certification (antistatic clothing)
    Boimtcc product certification (anti-static table mat)
    Iso9001:2015 international quality certification
    Certificate of trademark renewal registration I
    High tech product certificate
    Utility model patent certificate
    Appearance design patent certificate
    Certificate II of trademark renewal registration
    China anti static equipment brand enterprise
    Trademark registration certificate I
    Trademark registration certificate II
    Boimtcc product certification (antistatic shoes)
    patent for invention

    Enterprise honor and award certificate

    National industrial product production license
    Hengxi town leading enterprise
    Xianju advanced enterprise
    Contract abiding and trustworthy unit
    "Six good" Customs Working Committee
    2014 corporate credit AA + rating
    2013 Taizhou quality pioneer
    The 7th consumer trusted products
    Xianju advanced collective
    Civilized unit of municipal government
    China Manufacturing Network Certified supplier
    College student internship base
    Worker pioneer
    High tech enterprise certificate
    Taizhou famous trademark
    Taizhou famous brand products
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