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Flying Basset Organics - Natural Dog Food - Organic Dog Food Supplies and Dog Products
Flying Basset Organics - Natural Dog Food - Organic Dog Food Supplies and Dog Products

Flying Basset ProAnimal Probiotic -4oz
The Flying Basset ProAnimal Probiotic provides billions of these beneficial bacteria to aid our dogs and cats in the fight against yeast infections, fungal infections, ear infections, poor digestion, poor elimination, antibiotics, steroids and the many other drugs, chemicals and poisons often given to our animals on a regular basis...More Info

Item No.: 300026-4
Price: $29.95

Parasite Relief
Assist your animalís body to eradicate intestinal worms, heart worms, boost immune system and promote healthy digestive functioning.Parasites can be contracted from numerous sources, especially by our pets. Be sure to use a parasite cleanse every 6 months to support your pets immune system and digestive tract. Parasites can cause a variety of health problems and parasites are everywhere...More Info

Item No.: 300823-100
Price: $16.95

Moisturizing Shampoo
The Flying Basset Moisturizing Shampoo will leave your furry friend with a shining coat, smelling fresh and without any residue. This non-toxic, mild cleansing formulation is a favorite for groomers and pet owners alike. Try this shampoo and see how proud your pet will be!! Our Moisturizing Shampoo is so mild that it will not cause skin, eye or ear irritation, skin dryness or knotted coat and can be used on all hair types...More Info

Item No.: 300041-16
Price: $9.95

Daily Maintenance Nutritional Complex - 12oz
Our Daily Maintenance Nutritional Complex is a combination of the 3 basic starter supplements...More Info

Item No.: 300037-340
Price: $49.95

Digestive Enzyme Complex - 6oz
The Flying Basset Digestive Enzymes provide the necessary food enzymes to assist the pancreas with digestion, assist the kidneys, liver, lungs, colon and skin in removing toxins, utilize nutrients ingested by the body to construct new muscle tissue, nerve cells, bone, skin and glandular tissue. The functions of enzymes are so many and so diverse that it would be impossible to name them all...More Info

Item No.: 300027-6
Price: $23.95

100% Pure Colostrum Powder -8oz
Colostrum is a natural food, the first food taken by puppies and kittens. It would be hard to imagine any nutritional substance more beneficial. Colostrumsí growth factors are not just for newborns. Colostrum contains many important growth factors which promote healing and actually create an anti-aging response...More Info

Item No.: 465-228
Price: $27.95